Monday, 26 November 2012

These are the pictures taken by myself at Kenjeran Park, Surabaya.
Actually, Its been so long I didnt do photography. I am more into videography at the moment. But, last week my friend, Lisa asked me to take her pictures when she was wearing hijab.
When Lisa and I went to Ken Park, our friend Octa joined with us. Octa is also hijabers and she also asked me to take her pictures long time ago, but I could make it happen just last week.

And yes, last week I also got the job as freelance photographer. I took some hijab photos for hijab online shop. Praise to the Lord, I could save some money from this job.
I used to imagine, I am gonna do my hobby and make money from this hobby. Once again, Praise to the Lord, I could make it happen step by step. And I wish, I can do this stuff till I close my eyes.

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Thursday, 8 November 2012

got picture from here

 I am very happy because today one of thousand burdens on my back has been lifted. Even it is just ONE.
Today, I just finished my council about my job training a few months ago and I also have done my job training report. So, I am so praise to the Lord. He always give me strength to pass this stuff.

God is good. He gave me some happiness. I have decided what I am going to make for my final project. I am gonna make videography about "Batik Sidoarjo". You know, Batik is Indonesian's heritage that must be preserved. I wish I could preserve Batik, specially Batik Sidoarjo through the video which I am going to make.

To celebrate my happiness, I taken some pictures with my friends. But, I was become the model not a photographer. Its really okay for me, because I am kinda narcissist :P
These are my pictures taken by my friend, Nana.



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