Sunday, 2 January 2011

wish list :))

How have you been bloger ?
Im sure that you're fine :))

2010 is over, and now i am starting to walk in 2011
i know, day by day life is so hard
but, i know day by day, GOD is so good :))

got the picture from here

in this 2011, i have some wish list. I hope all my dream comes true in this 2011
So, these are my wish list :
cekidot ==>

  • Celebrate Christmas with my father

  • Get the parttime job

  • Be a profesional photographer *amin*

so, whats your wish list in 2011 ? You can tell me guys
and the last,



Dwi Wahyu Arif N said... at 3 January 2011 at 12:59

smangat laaa
smoga tercapai smw wishlist mu :)

phonank said... at 3 January 2011 at 21:43


Harapan di tahun 2011,, semoga tercapai yah!
oiya selamat tahun baru 2011, selamat menempuh episode terbaru... Earth on 2011, hahaha

bikin story di 2011 lebih indah dari tahun-tahun sebelumnya,,

ra said... at 4 January 2011 at 03:28

happy new year :)

r10 said... at 4 January 2011 at 10:11

semoga sukses di tahun 2011

wulanmanjol said... at 4 January 2011 at 12:35

Semoga semakin lebih baik lagi ditahun 2011 ini.
salam kenal :)

volverhank said... at 4 January 2011 at 13:08

eh yang kedua gampang tu hahaha. sambilan

cjdw said... at 4 January 2011 at 15:11

met taun baru...

Penghuni 60 said... at 6 January 2011 at 08:27

happy blogging..
and happy new year...!
blm telat kan ngucapinnya...

Fahmi said... at 8 January 2011 at 13:49

i am looking for get a part time job too... :)

ario saja said... at 8 January 2011 at 19:12

met tahun baru 2011

[L]ain said... at 9 January 2011 at 16:32

Merry 2011 new year

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